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there and do something for everybody else and use your relationships, technology and money and make the world better, just don't reap the harvest here and around the world and i took that back and said, when i start my own company, i'm going to take 1% of equity, 1% of profit and 1% of employee's time and put it into a 501 c 3 charity. that was easy because we had no profit, equity and time. >> now you got to put up. you were with oracle in '97 and there was that desire but it wasn't part of the corporate culture. >> that's insightful. when we started the sales force we said we would integrate it. so on the first day you come in and see the kitchen and toilet and at noon you go and do something for the city of san francisco. you go to a homeless shelter, you go to a soup kitchen go and do something else. >> you recently got a lot of attention for giving a 2.7 million dollar gift to the 12 middle schools in san francisco. they will get tablets, wi-fi access and the teachers will get i think $100,000, principals, rather to dsplit the way they se fit. what impact will that have? >> it's an aweso
rd, fewer than 250 because of the technology problems plaguing the site. while access was universally poor, the site's glitches made access in some of the 36 states on the federal insurance exchange worse than in others. >> there are variations that tend to be effected by geography or which internet service provider or which browser that you're using. >> reporter: engineers in l lexington began independently tracking it in mid october. at that time, users in a hand full of states like oklahoma in green saw pages load with normal 1 to 2-second performance but in states with red it took well over 8 seconds. >> that relates to geography. there are certain techniques employed to minimize the differences. >> reporter: recent fixing appear to have improved user experience times overall. >> you want to provide a performance testing environment at scale so millions of users are simulated users are running against the site to make sure that it will scale and provide the response times necessary under that condition. >> reporter: just signed, the obama overseer says their measurements are showi
that are not as much innovative in terms of new technology or techniques and making people feel something, the idea of how do you make someone think differently? reading in myself i had that feeling i hope people would have which is, i am not seeing this anywhere else. to me that is what innovation is. sometimes it doesn't mean going forward or breaking new ground. it is going backward and thinking, what is the thing that is a little simpler and makes you feel. this summer there was a sense at beingeaters of just bombarded with noise and stuff and violence and cities getting destroyed everywhere you look, and i think there is a sense of is that really innovation? it is just more stuff. backnk it is good to go like to star wars and say, what is the thing that makes you feel deeper. visually i am not worried. what are the things that make you feel, this doesn't exist out there? tavis: i was on the plane about the article cannibalization of hollywood, that hollywood puts so much that it worked against it. does that ring true to you? >> it is almost impossible to deny there was so much supply at some p
because of the technological advances and the fact that we can now, you know, look in on people's cell phones, that you know, there has to be some more guidelines brought into this thing. but overall, friends spy on friends, it's not going to stop. >> what do you think of that? >> i think, well, i'm not enough people, clearly. there's no doubt that this has been going on for ever in one form or another. you can't tell me that the administration didn't know about it, because they were given reports about all of this. this came from -- this is ridiculous. so we all knew it was going on. they have been doing it in europe for decades and centuries. and this is being a part of life in the world and alas, everybody had to be protesting. >> congratulations on this book. do you think that a tip was monitoring the phone calls? >> i tell you one thing. it isn't like today in that you are blessed at 3:00 in the afternoon and say what time is it over there? changes our watch to six. they fought lake irish guys. they fought like mad over everything. but in the end, there was this wonderful peri
all of these technological assets and human assets, we're not there, we don't know, and i think there is a lot of room for error. >> you can see robert greenwald's film in its entirety at the website i urge you to watch it with a companion because you will want to talk about the questions it raises concerning national security, drones, and the nature of war. then i'd like to know what you think. remember that in the excerpt we showed earlier the former drone operator says, "this is what we do, we kill people and break things, this is what our job is." it's true. once we insist on war as a solution, this is always the outcome. there is no way to avoid killing the innocent when you've determined to destroy your enemy. our own government has fought our wars by dropping atomic bombs on whole cities. by firebombing. carpet-bombing. by spreading the poison of agent orange over the homes and farms of noncombatants. by splashing burning napalm on children. in this war on terror, we're told either we put boots on the ground and see our own young men and women kille
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)